Nemo - Kindergarten

We offer above standard services to parents and children consisting of not only amenities, but also activities. Above all there is a low number of children in the classes and a sufficient capacity of teachers with assistants taking care of the children.


Elementary School

We are a small school with grades 1 to 5. There is a maximum of 10 children in each grade. This school follows up on the long-year tradition of the Nemo Kindergarten and focuses on advanced English language teaching.


Nemo – Baby Club

We are a group of teachers enjoying our work. In 2006 we have established a pre-school facility that has successfully developed in to a Kindergarten and Elementary School.


About Us

We are a team of professionals wanting to provide children with the best possible care and education for their journey through life. This consists of a Kindergarten and School with less pupils in the classrooms, better amenities and learning tools, family atmosphere and a motivating environment. In 2006 we have established a pre-school club, which had later expanded in to three Kindergarten classes. In 2012 we have been entered in the school registry as the NEMO Kindergarten (Mateřská škola NEMO) and as of 2015 the NEMO Elementary School has been added. (Základní škola NEMO) providing education for the first level, i.e. Grades 1 - 5.

The Kindergarten as well as the School focuses on advanced teaching of the English language in cooperation with the Cambridge University and the AKCENT exam center. We have a native speaker employed at both the Kindergarten and the School, who teaches the children and children naturally communicate with the teacher. NEMO is involved in a number of international projects (Erasmus +, Little Edison, E-Twining), cooperates with ČVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague).

Another advantage is the location, which is within the tennis complex Nový Pacov, where we can use tennis-courts and also trainers available. In the vicinity is a beautiful multi-purpose playground, animal farm, fields and meadows.

Why have we chosen the name NEMO? Nemo was the fish in the popular movie, but also the captain of a submarine in the Jules Verne novel. NEMO symbolizes cleverness, joy of learning something new and exploring. Water is essential for life. Our motto is: "Sailing to knowledge".

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